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We had a successfull cooking Demo at the SoCalGas Foodservice Equipment Expo 24 and our Doregrill MAG 58/8 Gas stood out from the competition.

Our gas rotisserie was the star of the show at the cooking demo we held at the SoCalGas Energy Ressource Center in Downey, CA. The event was a huge success, with many attendees impressed by the versatility and efficiency of our product.

As soon as we set up our Doregrill MAG 58/8 Gas, it caught the attention of the crowd. Its sleek design and modern features were a hit with the audience. We started the demo by showcasing the different cooking methods that our product offers, such as grilling and roasting.

The attendees were amazed by how quickly and evenly the Doregrill MAG 58/8 cooked the food. They were also impressed by the energy efficiency of our product, as it uses less gas compared to other similar products on the market.

We also highlighted the safety features of our MAG 58/8, such as the automatic shut-off. The audience was impressed by the attention to detail and the focus on safety in our product design.

As we continued with the demo, chef Gaby Toledo, prepared a variety of dishes, from smoky seasoned roasted chickens, Paprika,salt and pepper pork ribs, chili, butter, salt and pepper shrimps and steamed roasted vegetables. The attendees were able to taste the delicious food and experience the superior cooking performance of our MAG 58/8.

At the end of the demo, we received many inquiries about our product and its availability. The attendees were impressed by the quality and performance of our MAG 58/8 and were eager to purchase one for their own kitchens.

Overall, the cooking demo at the gas company was a huge success, and our Doregrill MAG 58/8 stood out from the competition. We were able to showcase the versatility, efficiency, and safety features of our product, and the attendees were thoroughly impressed. We look forward to more opportunities to showcase our MAG 58/8 and continue to impress customers with its superior cooking performance.

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