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Updated: Feb 1

Introducing our new Doregrill hot display cases, holding a constant temperature of 145°F🔥.

Our hot display cases are the perfect solution for keeping your food items at a consistent and safe temperature. Whether you're running a bakery, deli, or any other food establishment, our hot display cases are designed to meet your needs.

One of the key features of our hot display cases is their ability to maintain a consistent temperature. This is crucial for keeping your food items fresh and safe for consumption. Our cases are equipped with advanced temperature control systems that ensure the temperature remains constant, even during peak hours.

In addition to temperature control, our hot display cases have a double recovery technology and air circulation all around the hot packaged products.. This means that the heat stays inside the case, keeping your food items warm and ready to serve.

Not only do our hot display cases keep your food items at the perfect temperature, but they also enhance the presentation of your products. With their sleek and modern designs, they are sure to attract customers and showcase your food items in the best possible way.

Investing in our hot Doregrill display cases is a smart choice for any food establishment. They not only ensure food safety and consistency but also add a professional touch.

at 1515 Design, we offer the perfect solution for visually appealing heated self service displays. Contact us today to get our Doregrill heated displays!

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