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Doregrill MAG 40/8 Gas at Whole Foods, Walnut Creek, CA

Whole Foods in Walnut Creek, CA just ordered two new Doregrill MAG 40/8 gas, for their service deli.The Doregrill MAG 40/8 gas is a high-quality, commercial-grade grill that is perfect for cooking a variety of foods in a fast-paced deli environment. With its large cooking surface and powerful gas burners, this grill can handle high volumes of food with ease.

The Whole Foods in Walnut Creek, CA recognized the need for a reliable and efficient grill in their service deli and chose the Doregrill MAG 40/8 gas for its superior performance and durability. This grill is designed to withstand heavy use and is built to last, making it the perfect choice for a busy deli.

The Doregrill MAG 40/8 gas features eight gas burners, each with its own temperature control, allowing for precise cooking and easy multitasking. The grill also has a removable drip tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.

With the addition of these new Doregrill MAG 40/8 gas grills, the Whole Foods in Walnut Creek, CA will be able to serve up delicious and perfectly cooked food to their customers in a timely manner.


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